Functions of the real estate industry

New home building

This is the construction of townhouses, condos, and single-family homes (Bla Bolig). The home builders National Association provides information on a monthly basis on available homes for sale and their prices.

Construction of new buildings

It includes industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings. Back in 2018, real estate contributed a good amount of money to the nation’s economic output ( Roles of seller agent, real estate agents, and buyers agents.

Seller’s agent

Helps in finding buyers either through their contacts or multiple listing service.

It helps make your property neat and look at its best to customers.

They price your property.

They assist in negotiations with the buyer.

Real estate agents

They assist investors, homeowners, and businesses buy and sell properties.

Buyers agents

They help you find the property of your own choice.

Can guide you to areas where houses are affordable

They make negotiations for you.

They help with process legalities such as financing, inspection, and title search.

Features of real estate investments


Real estate properties are all different in terms of financing, location, and physical structure, and that what makes them unique. Most investors who are successful have teams in every geographic area because of the real estate heterogeneity.


Real estate investments are very durable and have no fixed maturity like other investments ( You can decide to sell it at any time if there is an opportunity, or you can decide to stay with it forever.

Lack of transparency

Some markets are supposed to be very transparent; investors can access real-time market information and can make immediate changes to the portfolio.

Real estate works in a unique way; when an investor purchases a property, there are high chances that he or she is not giving out all information or the sellers are not aware of the problems.